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Custom Bridges and Boardwalks

Custom has 35 years of experience delivering high quality trail bridges and boardwalks. Our team is here to ensure you receive excellent service and the best price. Using our Modular Design, we can provide a bridge complete with footings without the need for concrete. This saves time, money, and lowers the environmental impact of the project.

Our Custom Bridges and Boardwalks are custom engineered to fit our client’s specification and application. Park Bridges, Trail Bridges, Golf Course Bridges, Wetland Bridges, Snowmobile Bridges, Maintenance Vehicle Bridges, Land Access Bridges, Wetland Boardwalks, ATV/Golf Cart Boardwalks, Pedestrian Boardwalks, Fishing Piers, Boat Launches, Docks, Decks, Platforms, we are here to build what you need to get over it.


 Custom has been manufacturing and selling factory direct picnic table frames and assemblies throughout the Midwest for over 30 years.  An online sale portal is coming, but for now, give us a call to order and arrange freight.    

Quality Tanks manufactures various non-code air tanks and water expansion tanks since 1964. Finishes include durable wet paints and galvanizing. Find some of our water expansion tanks and Compressed air tanks available on McMaster-Carr