Wetland Boardwalks

Key Features

  • Boardwalks can “Open Up” wetland education and public understanding in a community
  • Boardwalks facilitate bird watching and ecotourism
  • Boardwalks can be used with schools for science education
  • All structural lumber is MCA pressure treated and arsenic free
  • Deck Mate patented fasteners will not strip, cam-out or rust
  • Posts can be extended above deck for seat and bench construction
  • Easy to make the natural twists and turns on your walkway
  • Easy installation-only hand tools required
  • Modular construction with adjustable heights
  • 4′, 5′ and 6′ widths x 8′ long sections with various curbs or railings
  • Patented boardwalk footing available in two sizes (US Patent No. 6A21,863)

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Boardwalk Design Loads

Design dead load on deck10. PSF
Design live load on deck, unless otherwise noted40. PSF
Design live point load on hand railing, unless otherwise required200. PSF

Material Specifications

Assumes soil bearing capacity without soil bearings1500. PSF
All structural lumber is MCA pressure treated and arsenic free southern pine MSR2.OE rated, with bending fiber stress of2,400. PSI
All structural steel member meet ASTM A572 / A992 Grade 5050,000. PSI
All structural steel connecting hardware meet ASTM A36 and is hot dipped galvanized36,000. PSI
Steel pans meet A36 and are hot dipped galvanized36,000. PSI


All hardware for connecting steel member is zinc coated and all hardware for connecting wood members is hot dipped galvanized

Joist connectors are Simpson A35Z and LUS26Z

Deck screws are deckmate square drive by Phillips Fastener Products, Inc with Evercote finish.

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